Songs & Other Pictures

2010-04-19 17:29:36 by NubbyCakums

So, as I'm sure some of you have noticed. My songs no longer have my little NG User Guy as the cover anymore.
This is because, for whatever reason, my external hard drive wiped its self.
Luckily I had all my important things backed up on another external. However, my pictures, movies, and songs were erased.

Also, every time I try to create a new picture, when I export it from paint. It says it has a transparent background.
[So if anyone knows how to get rid of that using MS Paint. I would appreciate it]

Thats All, keep on the lookout for more songs.
[I plan to do a "Break Your Heart] Remix soon]

-Nubby Cakums


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2010-04-27 15:09:46

That's the EXACT reason I don't use MS Paint anymore! Use PAINT.NET and transfer/create the pic again, then it will prompt you about transparency. My art says otherwise!

NubbyCakums responds:

Thanks for the help.

Thats been breaking my ball for ever.