2011-10-20 17:50:39 by NubbyCakums

Things are good...

Yup.. things just seem to be right.

School seems to be following a nice trend, I'm making great headway on the dubstep song I've been working on since like, February, oh, and did I mention I might be getting a meet up with C418!

Yup... things are good...


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2011-10-22 13:08:41

Good to hear buddy, keep doing what you enjoy doing and what you do best!


2011-12-19 21:19:47

Hey... Look what I made (used a song of yours as a saying for: n/343832 :D


2011-12-19 21:20:16

CRUD wrong thing:
Some-random-thing-I-made-for-myself-2 74807244

NubbyCakums responds:

<3 I love it!


2012-01-24 10:48:18

Do you mind if I use minecraft forest to make a video for my server? - Please ;3


2012-02-12 10:35:49

awsome meet C418 i wanna do that!