Music Copyrights and Fair Use

2012-09-15 01:53:04 by NubbyCakums

Music Copyrights and Fair Use

To people wondering if you can use my music in your videos, whether they are being monetized or not, the answer is, and will always be, YES, you can use any of my music for any purpose you like.

However, because my music is under a creative commons licence that simply means you must give me credit for the music you use.

This can be done in a number of ways but the sure way to avoid copyright infringement is to state that the music you use is by me "Nubby Cakums" by stating it in the videos that use my music and then by providing a link to either the song its self or to my channel directly to either YouTube or Newgrounds. (Preferably YouTube) Covering all your bases is the best way to avoid copyright infringement.

Hope this answers most peoples questions about fair use, if not feel free to send me a message on YouTube, Newgrounds, or Soundcloud. (Although I rarely reply to Newgrounds or Soundcloud messages)

(Also, I use both "Nubby Cakums" and "NubbyCakums" so the space isn't very important)



Music By: Nubby Cakums


2011-10-20 17:50:39 by NubbyCakums

Things are good...

Yup.. things just seem to be right.

School seems to be following a nice trend, I'm making great headway on the dubstep song I've been working on since like, February, oh, and did I mention I might be getting a meet up with C418!

Yup... things are good...

Mooving to YouTube?

2011-02-21 11:03:46 by NubbyCakums

Yeah, I think I'm going to start uploading, only my good songs, to YouTube, and possibly remove them from Newgrounds. (I'll see what kind of feedback I get from you guys first though)

If you don't want me to remove the songs, just give my YouTube videos a thumbs up and favorite.

If you dont care, I'll be removing them so they can only be found on YouTube.

* YouTube Channel - *

Otherwise, thanks for reading this,

-Nubby Cakums


2011-02-06 22:10:17 by NubbyCakums


Back to school.

2010-09-15 19:56:33 by NubbyCakums

Well, I'm back in school, and am being loaded with homework every day.

I try to work on my music at least once every day. But I am a big gamer, and Halo Reach has just come out. So I'll probably be playing that a lot now.

But, I just released a new song called "Minecraft Forest" that I worked really hard on.
[So check that out if you haven't already]

But, otherwise, thanks for listening to my music, and keeping up with my posts.

[I'll try to get another song out soon]

-Nubby Cakums

I'm Back!

2010-07-13 22:46:29 by NubbyCakums

Well, its been a while, mainly because I was caught up playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but also because during the beginning of my Summer Break.
I was just really uninspired, and everything I created I instantly deleted because it didn't live up to my standards.

BUT, I am inspired again! and making music.

I just released a new song KliMax, which I feel I did a pretty good job on.
[Check it out when you have time]

Also, I want to start making Hardstyle songs.
[Things you can Melborne Shuffle to]
So if you have any experience on that, leave a comment, or send me a P.M.

Otherwise, keep a look out for more songs and posts,
Thanks for the support,

-Nubby Cakums

Songs & Other Pictures

2010-04-19 17:29:36 by NubbyCakums

So, as I'm sure some of you have noticed. My songs no longer have my little NG User Guy as the cover anymore.
This is because, for whatever reason, my external hard drive wiped its self.
Luckily I had all my important things backed up on another external. However, my pictures, movies, and songs were erased.

Also, every time I try to create a new picture, when I export it from paint. It says it has a transparent background.
[So if anyone knows how to get rid of that using MS Paint. I would appreciate it]

Thats All, keep on the lookout for more songs.
[I plan to do a "Break Your Heart] Remix soon]

-Nubby Cakums

When will songs be released!

2009-12-15 20:38:09 by NubbyCakums

Songs for me are a very painstaking process.
[In my standards, I'm a "noob" with Fruity Loops, so I don't know how to do a lot of things like: Finishing, Adding Filters, Using other synthmakers besides Toxic Biohazard and 3X Osc]

But fear not NG user who has grown a custom to my work! I diligently work on when I'm not doing homework or are involved in my near daily activitys.

So please be patient, and thank you for checking out my "page"

[ALSO, if your going to "Zero Bomb" please tell me why, I'm tired of kids that just vote zero without giving the review to justify their reasoning]

-Nubby Cakums

I have Toxic Biohazard Now!

2009-09-27 20:23:50 by NubbyCakums

Yeah, I can now make full length songs with Toxic Biohazard!

So be on the look out for more dance songs!

-Nubby Cakums


2009-08-10 12:29:45 by NubbyCakums

If you wanted to know,

[You can use my work for your stuffz, just notarize my work used to Nubby Cakums.]

Thank You,
-Nubby Cakms